About Black Garlic

black garlic

About Black Garlic

Do you know black garlic?
Black garlic, which recently made headlines in France and has become popular, is delicious and has many beneficial effects on the body.
You’ve tasted it before, but wasn’t it good?
Is it really high quality black garlic?
The taste will change depending on the quality and the manufacturing method.
Fruity black garlic, sweet and sour like dried prunes, why not try it?

Used as an accent for the cuisine

  • To flavor meat dishes … Sauté together for added flavor, or simmer with curry for a deep taste, and also Gyoza, Omelette and Soup
    For salad toppings … When you add toppings to salads and pasta, you can enjoy an elegant look and different taste.
    Add it to dairy products … with cheese or put it in yogurt.
    Perfect for aperitifs of sake, wine and champagne, cocktails …
    The fruity and rich taste is perfect for foie gras and cheese.
    Put the butter and black garlic in a food processor to make black garlic butter and you can enjoy the most delicious taste.

How to consume black garlic?

Peel and enjoy one or two pieces a day.
Since this is garlic, be careful not to consume too much of it.
Too much consumption can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.
You can consume it at any time, but it is recommended to consume it before breakfast.
You can spend the day comfortably and well!

Why is black garlic good for health?

  • S-allylcysteine
    It contains about four times more “S-allylcysteine” than normal garlic, which is said to have an anti-aging effect.
    Black garlic has an “antioxidant effect”.
    The antioxidant is the ability to remove active oxygen that rusts (ages) the body.
  • lysine
    By gently delivering needed glucose to the brain, it is expected to improve concentration and recover from fatigue.
  • Cystine
    It has strong antioxidant capacity and metabolic support capacity, and is essential for beautiful skin and preventing oxidation and aging of the body.
    In particular, the skin beautifying effect is included in various skin care supplements and improves skin problems such as age spots, freckles and rough skin from the inside.
  • Arginine
    It is said to be effective in increasing muscle synthesis and metabolism.
    When combined with lysine, it is expected to suppress stress hormones and relieve anxiety.

Customer feedback

  • It is essential for long distance driving because it makes me less drowsy.
  • I am impatiently awaiting a medical examination, because the result on the blood pressure monitor is good.
  • I feel my head is refreshed and my concentration is improved.
  • I didn’t have the taste, but now I can feel the food is very delicious.
  • I can go to work normally even the day after my overtime at work.
  • I wake up well in the morning and it feels really good to wake up.
  • It’s sweet and without bitterness, so I can keep going every day.
  • I am in very good shape! Black garlic from Nagano farm is magic.

Characteristic of black garlic

  • Long-term aging of 180 days or more
    The aging period of ordinary black garlic is about 30 days,
    but by aging the black garlic from the Nagano farm in 5 times more days, it ends up as delicious garlic.
  • Soft and easy to eat
  • High nutrient content
  • Less of the smell