Date : From 2nd to 4th December, 2022

Lieu : Grimaldi Forum – DIAGHILEV SUD

Discover specialties, Teas, Japanese sake and other many products, available only in Japan!
Also you can find and beauty of traditional luxury handicraft products, and secrets of healthy living way. This is the unique and forgettable moment to feel the real MADE IN JAPAN quality in MONACO.

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Welcome to MOANCO EMU

We share you our exceptional selection of quality Japanese gourmet.
Our products are 100 % MADE IN JAPAN and imported directly from our Japanese collaborators for you! We place the order according to your choice and your needs. We offer them in fresh and better condition.

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About us

Monaco EMU

We are business coordinator between Monaco/French Riviera and Japan. Our objectif is creating the valuable market with Japanese quality products.
Our know-how has been developed in Paris since 2007. We are so happy to help you to find new surprise and new standard to sophisticate your business.




Business coordination

We are in Monaco and we can reach valuable partner locally. For Japanese client, we propose effective solution and way to developpe your business in Monaco and French riviera. For partners in Monaco and French Riviera, we propose new surprise or essential which will benefit you from Japan.


Wholesaler of Japanese quality food and beverage

we are engaged in the marketing, wholesale promotion of Japanese food products, sake, teas, miscellaneous products, etc.