The charm of superfood matcha

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The charm of superfood matcha

Matcha is talked about as good for your health, but do you know why it is good for your health?
We tried to verify the main ingredients contained in matcha and their effects.

  1. Tea catechin
  2. Theanine
  3. Caffeine
  4. Saponin
  5. Vitamin C
  1. Tea catechin
    It is a kind of polyphenol and is a component that has an antioxidant effect and an effect of suppressing the rise of blood sugar level.
    It is the main component of the astringency of tea.
    It has antioxidant and antiviral effects.
    It is recommended as a measure against overweight because it makes it difficult for fat to increase as the blood sugar level rises slowly.
  2. Theanine
    A type of amino acid.
    The umami of tea is derived from this amino acid.
    Theanine has been shown to have a relaxing effect and protect nerve cells in the brain.
  3. Caffeine
    The bitterness component of tea.
    Since caffeine has a wakefulness effect, it can be expected to have the effect of preventing drowsiness, improving intellectual work ability, and improving athletic ability and endurance.
    You can also try it for those who don’t like the taste of coffee and those who have stomach upset with coffee.
  4. Saponin
    It has the characteristic of foaming as seen in matcha.
    Its effectiveness such as antibacterial and antiviral effects has been confirmed.
  5. Vitamin C
    It is a nutrient necessary for the production of collagen and is also abundant in tea such as matcha.
    Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, so it can be expected to have skin-beautifying and anti-aging effects.

How can you easily incorporate matcha into your daily life?
Here are some recipe examples.

Breakfast and sweets

  • Matcha yogurt
  • Matcha latte
  • Matcha ice cream
  • Matcha cake
  • Matcha mille crepe
  • Matcha roll cake
  • Matcha strawberry cake
  • Matcha macaroons


  • Matcha salt
  • Matcha miso
  • Matcha dressing
  • Matcha miso mayonnaise