Recipe with KINZANZI Miso Sauce

kinzanzi miso

Recipe with KINZANZI Miso Sauce

Do you know Kinzanzi miso sauce?
A secret taste born from a meal enjoyed by the artisans of a long-established miso shop.
Just marinate meat, fish and vegetables with sauce and let stand a few days to make it extremely soft and delicious.
As a seasoning, it can be used for stir-fried meat and vegetables, and the seasoning of hot dishes.
A slightly sweet miso sauce with no added chemical seasoning.
Check these video recipes.

Stir-fried meat with Kinzanzi miso sauce

Stir-fried shrimp with Kinzanzi miso sauce, sweet and spicy flavor

OYAKODON(Chicken and egg bowl) with Kinzanzi miso sauce

Tofu, avocado, vegetables, cream cheese marinated in Kinzanzi miso sauce

YAKI ONIGIRI(Grilled rice ball) with Kinzanzi miso sauce

A versatile miso sauce that makes delicious meals super easy and quick
You will enjoy!!