Recipe with Kanro-ni of Baby peach

Baby peach

Recipe with Kanro-ni of Baby peach

Do you know “Kanro-ni of baby peach“?
Baby peach is fruity and juicy.
You can even eat the seeds, which are crispy and delicious.
It is therefore perfect for desserts, for making pastries and creative dishes!
In addition, it contains a lot of ceramide, a skin beautifying ingredient that makes women happy.
Introducing a video recipe that makes it easy for you to incorporate these baby peach in your daily life.

  • Baby peach soda
    You can easily make an elegant original drink with your favorite soda and drink.
    Just add whiskey, brandy and rum … your favorite liquor to make delicious cocktails.
  • Baby peach fruit tart
    If you decorate your usual fruit tart with Baby peach, it will quickly turn into a unique and colorful tart.
  • Baby peach Daifuku (mochi)
    Daifuku with the usual sweet red bean paste can be made into a unique and elegant Daifuku with Baby peach and sweet white bean paste.
  • Danish pastry of Baby peach
    Danish apple and apricot pastries can also be made with Baby peach.

Why is baby peach good for your skin?

As you can see from the packaging, baby peach contain a lot of ceramide, which is easily lost due to age and environmental changes.
On the surface of the skin, it protects the skin from damage such as ultraviolet rays and also helps prevent water evaporation from the skin.
For those who are concerned about atopic dermatitis and dry skin, ceramide is exactly what we would like you to pay attention to.
It is generally known that ceramide supplementation is effective in beautifying the skin, promoting whitening, preventing rough skin, and improving atopic dermatitis.
Baby peach have been confirmed to contain about 13 times more ceramide than wheat germ, which is the raw material for ceramide.

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