Japanese Black Garlic

Japanese Black Garlic

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Japanese Black Garlic 

In the fertile land overlooking Takachiho Kirishima, we use natural water from Kirishima mountains, bamboo powder and our own organic fertilizer to grow high quality garlic which is rich in sugar.

Cultivation technique
We carry out three observation tours from autumn to spring, day and night, to adapt according to the conditions, so the garlic grows and its sugar level is higher than 40%. We combine the know-how of our predecessors with cutting-edge technology to achieve healthy, big and delicious garlic.

Processing technique
You need to control the temperature and humidity of the black garlic machine and adjust the humidity to moderate in order to manage the bitterness and sweetness of the garlic.
After that, the garlic aged for more than 180 days in the low-temperature warehouse until the bitterness disappears, and we try to get a sweet and easy-to-eat product, less of the smell and high nutritional values.

About Black Garlic

– Qantity : 70 g
– Origin : Miyazaki

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