Organic Matcha powder Ninja-T

Organic Matcha powder Ninja-T

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Organic Matcha powder Ninja-T (Acquisition of the Organic JAS brand)

This Matcha consists of two kinds of tea leaves: the elegant and refreshing “Saé Midori” and the fragrant and sweet “Oku Midori”.
Matcha has a smooth, round taste, with less bitterness and astringency.
Its pleasant natural scent will quench your thirst. You can also enjoy its wonderful deep green color.
The tea leaves comes from the city of Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture, which has an ideal environment for growing tea.
The air is pure, the water clean, the soil rich and there is a deep fog.
In the fall, the tea plantation is shaded for over 20 days to make the tea leaves a deep green and enhance their taste.
JAS : Japanese Agricultural Standard, Organic certificate which can be converted in France.

The charm of superfood matcha

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– Qantity : 30 g
– Origin : Kagoshima

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