Baby peach in syrup SS size

Baby peach in syrup SS size

Code : P-4

Young peaches boiled in syrup SS size

In the cultivation of peaches, only a small amount of fruit is kept in order to obtain larger fruit.
This product is made by boiling these young peaches in sugar and water, sweetened just right.
It was designed using our own patented manufacturing method and you can also eat the seeds.
It is a dessert with a crispy texture and can be used as a dessert, for cocktails or for culinary preparations like granité.

・ Freezing and thawing does not affect the quality, they won’t be waterlogged and does not spoil even when heated to 230 ° C.
・ No preservatives or coloring agents are used.
・ Does not contain alcohol.
・ Store in a dry place.

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– Total content : 1 kg (Solid amount : 500 g, Liquid amount : 500 g)
– 90 to 100 fruits, Grain size : 23 mm (size SS)
– Origin : Fukushima

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