The finest Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Shizuku-cha)

The finest Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Shizuku-cha)

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The finest Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Shizuku-cha)

Exceptional, high-quality tea. Chosen by prestigious establishments in Tokyo.
The specificity of Fukamushi teas comes from their «special or extreme steaming», which is 2 to 3 times longer than that of sencha tea. This gives at this liquor a sweetness with vegetal notes.
Kabuse are so-called «shaded» teas. It is less astringent, and has a slight very pleasant bitterness.
Made from a blend of the best teas, this high-end drink has be enjoyed without moderation.
Perfect for special celebrations and gifts for loved ones.
You can also try our brand Premium Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Fukamushi Kabuse-cha)

About the Cold Extraction Manufacturing Method 
Extracted by Benefitea’s patented “Cold Extraction Manufacturing Method “.
A manufacturing method that extracts the extract by condensing the original ingredients of the tea leaf raw material.
・ Only use tea leaves and water (safety)
・ Special temperature control and sterilization (safety)
・ Don’t miss the amino acids and aromas of the umami component (delicious)
・ Maintain the content of nutritional components (stable)

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– Qantity : 720 ml
– Origin : Shizuoka
– Price : On demand

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