Premium Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Fukamushi Kabuse-cha)

Premium Bottled Green Tea (Makinohara Fukamushi Kabuse-cha)

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Green tea Makinohara Fukamushi Kabuse-cha

Exceptional, high-quality tea. Chosen by prestigious establishments in Tokyo.
This Makinohara Fukamushi Kabuse-cha has a refined taste. Perfect balance between aroma and astringency.
It is the association of several crops, in collaboration with producers who have selected their best teas.
The specificity of Fukamushi teas comes from their «special or extreme steaming», which is 2 to 3 times longer than that of sencha tea. This gives at this liquor a sweetness with vegetal notes.
Kabuse are so-called «shaded» teas. It is less astringent, and has a slight very pleasant bitterness.
Made from a blend of the best teas, this high-end drink has be enjoyed without moderation.
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– Qantity : 350 ml
– Origin : Shizuoka

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