9148 #1040 Akkeshi Craft Gin

9148 #1040 Akkeshi Craft Gin

Code : A-6

9148 #1040 Akkeshi Craft Gin

Botanical: Juniper Berry, ★ Oyster, ★ Oyster Leaf, Cucumber, ★ Onion Kelp, Chili, Basil, ★ Cherry Blossom (Fugen-Zou), ★Sea asparagus (Akkeshi grass*)
★ are produced of Akkeshi Town.
* are collected outside the protected area.

Craft Gin 9148 Recipe No. #1040 is made with juniper berries as the main ingredient, along with plenty of raw oysters and kelp from the town of Akkeshi in Hokkaido, as well as cherry blossoms (Fugen-Zou), oyster leaves(Mertensia maritima subsp), and sea asparagus (Atsugishi-so), all of which are native to the town.
It is a craft gin with a unique aroma and a spicy accent with a faint taste of the sea flavor.

When you add water, the high concentration of fat-soluble botanicals precipitates in a pale blue-white color, creating a foggy pattern in the glass.
If you drink it snow style, it may remind you more of the coastal scenery of Akkeshi town.

The recipe number is #1040. It is named to hope that the port town of Akkeshi, Hokkaido, with its rich natural bounty of oysters, sea asparagus, scallions, and kelp, will continue to develop as a leading oyster town in the Orient (1040).

It accompanies not only seafood, but also smoked and spicy dishes.
Please enjoy the aroma of the sea and land of Hokkaido’s Akkeshi Town with “#1040 AKKESHI 2021”.

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– Type : Gin
– Alcohol content : 45 %
– Qantity : 700 ml
– Origin : Hokkaido

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