9148 #0303 Triple-Sec Craft Gin

9148 #0303 Triple-Sec Craft Gin

Code : A-9

9148 #0303 Triple-Sec Craft Gin

Botanical: Juniper berry, coriander, angelica, cinnamon, ★ Hidaka kelp, lemon, ★ blueberry,
★ kiriboshi daikon, ★ lavender cardamom, clove, pink pepper, ★ dried shiitake mushroom, black pepper
★ are raw materials from Hokkaido

This is recipe number 0303 of Benizakura Distillery “9148”
We used more than 3 times botanicals based on the standard recipe “0101”. A triple-sec navy strength with a strong juniper berry flavor and a triple spicy taste with an alcohol content of 57%.
You can also try our 9148 brand #0101 Craft Gin Original and #0396 SAKURA Craft Gin.

9148 (Ninety-one Fourty-eight) / CraftGin9148 ®
The identity of our brand is free world, free ideas, and free values. We named this product [9148] [Ninety-one Fourty-eight] which is origined from popular story of George Orwell “1948” and made as with [19] and [84] reversed.
We hope that you could enjoy [9148] this craft gin from Hokkaido while thinking about the future which is filled with freedom and happy.
The 9148 label is engraved with two 4-digit numbers. This shows the distillation date on the left and the recipe number on the right. We hope that you will enjoy the variations such as the difference in fragrance depending on the season and the difference in recipe due to small lot production unique to craft gin.

– Type : Gin
– Alcohol content : 57 %
– Qantity : 700 ml
– Origin : Hokkaido

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