Yuzu Sencha NINJA Tea Bags

Yuzu Sencha NINJA Tea Bags

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 Yuzu Sencha NINJA Tea Bags

A blend of “Okuhikari” sencha cultivated in Shizuoka City and yuzu with a fresh scent from Kawanehon Town.

The refreshing scent of yuzu and the mellow scent of tea can be felt in your nose.
Enjoy the beauty of clear light blue, the mariage of sencha and yuzu.

Recommended when you want to refresh your mood or for tea while eating.

About “Okuhikari”
The Hirano district of Shizuoka city, where the tea plantations are located, is a land rich in nature surrounded by mountains.
We cultivate tea freely in pure water and the delicious air flowing from the mountains.
In the morning, the fog fills and gently blocks the sunlight, so that the taste of the tea increases.
The carefully cultivated tea leaves by replanting the forested mountains and planting “Okuhikari” seedlings have reached their first harvest this year.
To make the most of the freshness of the harvested tea leaves, they were quickly roasted with Marufuku to enhance the aroma.

– Quantité : 28 g (4g x 7)
– Origine : Shizuoka


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