Miso Seasoning sauce Kinzanzi 1kg

Miso Seasoning sauce Kinzanzi 1kg

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Miso Seasoning sauce Kinzanzi 1kg

●About “Kinzanzi misozuke no moto”
Maruman “Kinzanzi miso zuke no moto” has been released from staff meal loved by Maruman Miso artisans for over 50 years.
“Kinzanzi misozuke no moto” is miso seasoning sauce.
The carefully selected seasonings we’ve used in this sauce makes it the perfect marinating sauce for meat, fish, vegetable.

No chemical seasoning added” All round mild Miso seasoning

・Misozuke products qenerally contain about 10~12% salt but this sauce only contains 6.0%, this makes it delicious for all aqes to eat.

・Saikyo Misozuke(marinade) is well known for miso’s made from “ white miso” but this sauce uses ferments and miso basesfrom Nagano prefecture mixed with a “red miso”.
Once the mix is baked, it takes on an eye pleasing colouraccompanied by a sweet aroma that will surely provoke your appetite.

Founded in 1888,Maruman has been in business of making miso and fermented foods for over 130 years.
We have a good reputation for technical capabilities and “Nakata Fast Fermentation Method” invented by our former CEO innovated the history of Miso in Japan.
Our current Chairman,Kyoichi Nakata developed “Additive-free miso” which has not used any food additives as a pioneer of the industry.
As true pioneer,the Nakata family has influenced any other Japanese miso breweries.
We continue to develop and produce healthy foods which have plenty of local color mainly by “miso and fermented food” as Japanese tradional food.

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– Qantity : 1 kg
– Origin : Nagano

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