Hiryu Joun (飛竜乗雲) Daiginjo

Hiryu Joun (飛竜乗雲) Daiginjo

Code : A-3

Authentic Daiginjo sake from Shizuoka and elegant Mount Fuji bottle

The famous sake in this bottle comes from the oldest brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture. Its history has continued for 18 generations. The water used to make this sake balanced in acidity, has been flowing in the lava of Mount Fuji for more than 70 years.
This box contains Junmai Daiginjo Sake, LED lighting, a wooden box and a Furoshiki (fabric used for wrapping).
An exceptional gift to express gratitude to loved ones.
Luxurious  “Dragon flies to the sky by riding a cloud”  gift box featuring Mount Fuji surrounded by gold leaf, in a handcrafted glass bottle.

– Qantity : 900 ml
– Origin : Shizuoka

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