Dried Seaweed “Shakitto Kaiso salad”

Dried Seaweed “Shakitto Kaiso salad”

Code : P-11

Dried Seaweed “Shakitto Kaiso salad”

Blend mix with 6 types of dried seaweed.
Its crispy texture and bright colors characterize this seaweed salad.
Rich in minerals.

Examples of use :
• Add your favorite vegetables to make a healthy salad
• For coloring the buffet menu
• As a color for sashimi and seafood salad
In addition, you can use it in various ways depending on your ingenuity.

• Wakame (Dried seaweed: Undaria pinnatifida), Akanori (Dried seaweed: Gloiopeltis tenax),
• Shirokikurage (Dried Jew’s Ear Fungus: Auricularia auricula-judae),
• Kukiwakame (Dried seaweed: Undaria pinnatifida),
• Itokanten (Dried seaweed: Gelidiaceae, Gracilaria vermiculophylla),
• Akasakuraso (Dried seaweed: Condors),

【How to prepare】
Soak in plenty of cold or warm water for approximately 5 minutes and the volume will increase 7 times after rehydration.
Precautions for use:
This product is washed and sorted in the manufacturing process, but in rare cases foreign matter (stones, sand, etc.) may adhere to the product, so wash it after rehydrating it before use.

– Qantity : 100 g
– Origin : Niigata

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